Pro Staff


Jim Smith is a highly skilled instructor with 25 plus years of Tactical Firearms  Instruction experience. Jim is a well-respected member of the United States  Special Operations community. Having been an Airborne Ranger, Special Forces  Engineer and a sniper and assaulter with 1 st SFOD-D Delta Force, Jim has the  knowledge, skills and abilities to better any unit’s abilities and combat strength.


Dale Willingham is recently retired from the Chicago Police Department with 25 years serving in Patrol , Tactical Team, Gang Crimes, H.B.T.(Hostage Barricaded Terrorist Team) S.W.A.T., where he was a containment officer, secondary rifleman and a Primary Sniper, then becoming an Equipment Specialist, training team members on breeching, surveillance, ballistic and less lethal equipment. He holds Firearms Certifications with the NRA for pistol and rifle, Illinois CCW Instructor, Kentucky CCDW Instructor and Applicant Training.

Petros ‘Pete” Milionis is a recently retired Chicago police Officer with more than 15 years of experience, including serving as the primary firearms/carbine instructor for the S.W.A.T. team for the past 10 years. Milionis was also a full time operational member of the team, serving as an element leader in the execution of Hostage Rescue/ Barricaded Subjects and High Risk Search Warrants. He currently serves as a subject matter expert and lead instructor for the U.S. State Department Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program in the training of high threat protection details responsible for the protection of national leaders.

Frank Gaber is a 20 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department serving in Patrol, Gang and City-Wide Tactical Units, with the past 10 years on the SWAT Team as a Firearms Instructor, Team Leader, Sniper, and FBI Certified Tactical Rappel Master. He is also a certified armorer of Remington Rifles, M-16/M4/Ar-15 Rifles, and Glock pistols.

Rick Coyle is a 22 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department serving in Patrol, Special Operations Section and SWAT. He has spent the past 15 years on the SWAT Team as a Team Leader, Rifle/Tactics Instructor and certified armorer of M4/AR-15 rifles along with Glock pistols.

Dave Romero is a 26 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. David has served in Patrol, City Wide Gang Crimes Unit, H.B.T. (Hostage, Barricaded Terrorist Team) and S.W.A.T. Dave served in S.W.A.T. for 15 years where he was a team leader that included planning and executing high risk search warrants. Dave is certified by the FBI as a Rappel Master and Firearms Instructor. He also holds certifications in Illinois as a Firearms Instructor, Dignitary Protection and is certified by the Paul Howe firearms instruction program. Dave is currently a sergeant in the patrol division of the Chicago Police Department. He is also a Manufacturer’s Representative with R.J. Wagner Marketing, Inc. who represents a host of tactical and police equipment.

Daniel served as a Police Officer in South Africa and was actively involved with firearms training both for civilians and law enforcement. As a competitor in national International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shooting competitions, he achieved the distinguished honor of provincial colors for Natal. Daniel continued his law enforcement career when he emigrated to the United States and joined the Chicago Police Department where he is and has been serving for over 12 years; nine of which were spent on the Gang Unit where he was responsible for the planning and execution for over 100 high risk search warrants. Daniel is Owner of Davad Defense located in Illinois ,he serves as a subject matter and host instructor for Jackson Knob.

Vince Jamison is a police officer with the Chicago Police Department and has over 16 years of experience in law enforcement. He has served as a patrol officer and gang officer with special details to the Area 5 Robbery Mission Team and Targeted Response Unit.   Vince currently serves as a full-time firearms instructor at the Chicago Police Academy and was the lead instructor for the Chicago Police Department's 40-hour Patrol Rifle Operator Certification Course.  In 2010, Vince took a leave of absence from law enforcement and served a contract overseas in Afghanistan with a major Department of State private security contractor company as an imbedded advisor with a Marine battalion.  Upon his return in 2011, Vince reinstated with the Chicago Police Department and resumed his firearms instructor duties.  Vince is a United States Army veteran.   Vince is a certified firearms instructor in handgun shotgun and patrol rifle with the State of Illinois - ILETSB and the Chicago Police Department.