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Muzzle Brake, That Doesn’t Break The Bank

The Magnificent Muzzle Brake, That Doesn’t Break The Bank

With 3 gun competitions becoming such a popular sport, and many of us moving to a rifle like the AR-15 for home defense (and possibly the zombie apocalypse)...

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Simply the Best, the CruxOrd Muzzle Brake

AJ Saulls August 30, 2016 Accessories, Firearms, Mission Critical, Mission Gear, Product Reviews

If you’ve seen any of my previous reviews on products from Crux Ordnance (CruxOrd) you’ll quickly realize that I’m becoming a huge fan of theirs, and for...

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CruxOrd Muzzle Brake: Performance On The Tavor


September 3, 2016 by Don Adams (Doitrite)

The CruxOrd muzzle break slightly dampens the flash as well as everything else it is designed to do. This is the only muzzle brake that I know of that actually dampens flash as well as lowering recoil.

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Spotter Up Review: Extended Mag Release

Jettison Glock Magazines And Stock Shortcomings With CruxOrd Extended Magazine Release

Crux Ordnance also recently sent Battle Axe Tactical their aftermarket extended magazine release: CG-050, fitted for a 4th generation Glock 19 for the purpose of...

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Sxpotter Up Review: Guide Rod Assembly




The Next GRA You Need: Crux Ord Guide Rod Assembly (ACG-004)

The following is a product review of the ACG-004 Guide Rod Assembly (GRA) offered by Crux Ordnance. Crux Ord is a U.S. based CNC shop which states on their website to produce quality accessories tailored ...

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No Budget Outdoors Review


Crux Ordnance Glock Mag Release

In an effort to be a little more welcoming of changes, and modifications, I have purchased and am modding, slowly, a Glock19MOS. While I am happy with a stock glock, there wouldn’t be such a huge aftermarket if improvements were not possible...

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